The Iloilo Business Club, Inc.

membersEstablished in October 1990, Iloilo Business Club, Inc. (IBC) is a non-stock, non-profit organization composed of over eighty (80) Senior Executives representing the leading corporations and organizations in the Province and City of Iloilo and the Philippines. Companies represented come from major business industries, which includes banking, services, manufacturing, financial institutions, agribusiness, and the academe.

IBC is committed to fast track the development of Iloilo. Its mission is carried out primarily through the following activities: policy advocacy, information services and trade and investment promotion. IBC's main thrusts are to promote the City and the Province of Iloilo as a tourist destination, create investment opportunities to boost the local economy, and to develop good working relationship with the government and the private Stakeholders.

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Contact Us:

telefax: (63 33) 3350333 / 3378341
Rm 225, 2F Marymart Center III
Valeria-Delgado Streets, Iloilo City
Philippines 5000



To build and catalyse a sustainable business community which will expand the frontiers of growth and development in the region.


As a socially responsible business community, generate optimum benefits to stakeholders through policy advisory, vital business support services, trade, and investment promotion.


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  1. Enhance the capacity of businessmen by promoting exchange of ideas and cooperation between them and professional groups, government officials and the citizenry .
  2. To generate private sector participation in making Iloilo -the Best City (IBC) in the south by the promotion of economic opportunities.
  3. Develop and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit among the citizens in the community.


  1. Organize forums, seminars, conferences, and/or meetings between local, national, international guests, and local businessmen to discuss business trends, program and policy updates.
  2. Maintain representation in meetings of organizational memberships especially in representing the interest of the business community.
  3. Engage in tie-ups with LGUs, NGAs, and NGOs and other organizations on projects that provide business support to businessmen/SMEs .
  4. Participate in initiatives that will promote local products and services, to tourists and investors.